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Tibet Group Visa - Enter Tibet from Nepal

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What is Group Visa?

Tibet Group Visa is a special type of single entry Chinese visa usually maximum for 30 days and issued by Chinese Embassy in Kathmandu Nepal for tourists who plan to travel to Tibet from Nepal, whether by flight or by overland driving. As a special regional visa regulation, Tibet Group Visa only covers all itinerary booked in Tibet or expanded tour in mainland China and is difficult to extend extra days.

Different from Chinese Visa printed on the travelers’ passport, Tibet group Visa is issued on a piece of A4 paper listing with name, sex, date of birth, occupation, nationality, passport number, entry and exit date of China. Please note that group visa requires every foreign visitor have to join in a Tibet tour organized by local travel agency, but the Tibet group visa can be applied by one single person or group of travelers with arranged tour guide, driver and vehicle and accommodation in Tibet.

Each traveler will get two copies of original Tibet Group visa issued by the Chinese embassy in Kathmandu. One will be checked and collected by immigration office when entering Tibet and another will be used for exit formalities when leaving China. All group members are compulsory to enter and exit at the same time and same place.


Documents needed to apply group visa:

A. Valid Passport & Scan Copies of Passport. Original valid passport is a must to apply the group visa in Nepal. Beside, tourists also need to prepare some scann copies for multiple cases, which will be used for TTB (Tibet Travel Permit, or Tibet Entry Permit) application in Tibet Tourism Bureau (TTB) for some working days.

B. Tibet Invitation Letter from Tibet Tourism Bureau. The invitation letter is issued by Tibet Tourism Bureau. Once you booked our tour service and confirmed the itinerary, we will use your scanned passport copy and arranged Tibet tour schedules to apply it from TTB with your authorization. The visa invitation letter will be delivered to Nepal office after we get it.

C. Completed Visa Application Form & Passport-size Photos. The photo is required to be a recent 48mmX33mm front passport-size photo on white background without hat on. Applicants don’t need to go to the Chinese Embassy in Kathmandu in person. Our Nepal travel agency partner will submit the related documents to work it out.

D. Visa Fee & Service Charge. The Group Visa fee is distinct from different nationalities. Certain visa service fee will be charged by our Nepal local operator. You need to pay it directly to our Nepal local operator.


How to get Group Visa in Nepal (Group Visa Application Process)

Since foreign tourists are only permitted to travel to Tibet with arranged tour schedules, lodging and accompanied by local travel guide, drive and vehicle, all you need to have to do is book a tour package from one reliable and professional Tibet travel agency, they will take care of all travel arrangements as you requested including the group visa application. Individual application from the Embassy is prohibited; travel agency can submit the Group Visa only. Get to know more details about the Tibet Group Visa with following introductions.

Step One: Booking a Tibet Tour from a local Travel Agency and provide the scanned passport copies
Before going to Tibet, you need to confirm the itinerary and tour services with a local tour company. You can authorize it to apply for Tibet travel permit on your behalf. Tourists are required to mail the scanned copy of their passports to the tour company in Lhasa. Then, they will get the Tibet Travel Permit and visa invitation letter issued by Tibet Tourism Bureau. It takes 5-7 working days to go through step one.

√ Step Two: Arrive in Kathmandu 3 working days in advance and meet with our local partner
You need to be in Kathmandu at least 3 working days in advance. Our local stuff will go and meet you, you are required to leave your passport with them. Then, pay for the Chinese visa application and visa service.

√ Step Three: Collect your group visa on working days
The agency delivers the issued visa to your hotel in Kathmandu with your original passport. Then you can set off to Tibet and start your Tibet trip. Our Tibet guide and driver will pick you up at the Gyirong border or Lhasa airport with the original Tibet permit.

You must bring the three documents with you as you leave for Tibet: Group Visa, photocopies of the Tibet Travel Permit and your Original Passport.


Visa Fee


Regular (US Dollar)

Urgent (US Dollar)

Extra Urgent (US Dollar)

Nepali Citizens




US Passport Holders




Canadian Citizens




Israeli Citizens




Romanian Citizens




Serbian Citizens




Albanian & Micronesian Citizens




Chilean Citizens


Urgent service fee only

Extra Urgent service fee only

Pakistani & Maldivian Citizens




Other Citizens





Information of Embassy of PRC in Nepal

Address: Baluwatar, KathmanduNepal

Ambassador Tel: 00977-1-4419389

Fax: 00977-1-4414045

Tel (daytime): 00977-1-4411740


International Call Code: 00977-1

Working Hour: From Monday to Friday 

(9:00a.m.-12:00a.m. & 14:00p.m.-17:00p.m.)


Time Difference: Beijing Time (UTC/GMT+08:00) - 2h15mins


The ways from Kathmandu to Lhasa:

Traveling from Nepal to Tibet is not only a good adventure, but also an exploration of Tibetan Buddhist culture. You can have a lot of transportation options from Nepal to Tibet.

Plane: Kathmandu to Lhasa has direct flights every day, and flights from Kathmandu to Tibet are currently the only international flights in the world. Generally speaking, it takes only one and a half hours from the Tribhuvan International Airport in Nepal to the Lhasa Gonggar International Airport in Tibet.

√ Highway: If you have enough time, it is very convenient to charter a vehicle in Kathmandu. You can choose to enter Tibet from the famous Zhongni Highway. China-Nepal Highway is the only international road in Tibet. It started in Lhasa and passed through Shigatse, Tingri, Nyalam, Zhangmu, Friendship Bridge, and arrived in Kathmandu. It is known as the “Road of Prayer” for countless Tibetan travelers. This road is not only beautiful scenery, but also a "friendship road" to witness the friendly relations between China and Nepal. However, due to natural disasters, the Zhangmu Port was closed in 2014 and is now passing through the Gyilong Port.

√ Helicopter: If the economic conditions are more plentiful, you can choose to take the helicopter flyby Mt. Kailash from Pulan County. It is also an invaluable experience to take a helicopter on the plateau to see the holy snow mountain!


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Tibet Group Visa - Enter Tibet from Nepal FAQ

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